Dear Colleagues! Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology invites You to participate in the Monthly Conference of "Heart Failure" Working Group of ASC.


Conference Program

1. Date:21 June 2019

2. Venue: Baku city, Izmir street 1033, Hyatt Regency Hotel.

3. Time: 16:00-16:30- Coffe break.

4. Time: 16:30-17:00

Subject 1:

"Some Points of Heart Failure Treatment."
Dos. Dr. Kemala Zahidova. Head of "Heart Failure" Working Group of ASC.

5. Time:17:00-17:30

Subject 2:

"Heart rate fraction moderately reduced (HFmrEF) and pulse 
fraction detented (HFpEF) heat failure:diagnostic, clinical profiles and treatment approach."
Prof. Dr. Tofiq Jahangirov. President of ASC.

6. Time:17:30-18:00

Subject 3:

"Surgical Revascularization in Heart Failure."
Prof.Rashad Mahmudov

7. Time:18:00-18:30

Subject 4:

"Rehabilitation of Heart Failure."
Dos. Dr. Rahima Qabulova. Head of "Cardiorehabilitation and Prophylaxis" Working Group of ASC.

8.Time:18:30-19:30 – Discussions.

Thank you for your attention.
Contact number of ASC: 050 207-09-45