Method of writing theses for the 9th Congress of Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology.


1. Volume of thesis - 1 page (A4), upper, lower, right and left spaces - 3 cm

2. Font - Times New Roman -. With a 12-mm 1-line interval.

3. Theses will not be edited in the editorial board.

4. The form of thesis - the name of the topic - the capital letters, the new line - the authors surnames and initials, new line - institution, city, country.

5. Thesis should include the followings: Aim, research methods, results obtained, summarized. Literature sources in the abstracts text schemes, pictures, and references should not be given.

6. Theses are accepted only in the Word format: azkardio2020@gmail.com

7. Attention! Together with the thesis, you need to send a separate file with the contact person (thesis name, authors, organization, city, country, address, phone, e-mail Attention! Theses should be sent to the Organizing Committee by December 10. The publication of the theses is reviewed by independent experts and is only for publication if it is positive. The results of the drawings are brought to the attention of the authors.

Thesesare accepted in Azerbaijani and English languages.