AZERBAIJANSOCIETY OFCARDIOLOGY IX annual Congress 19-20 December 2020 Scientific Program



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Dear friends, colleagues, ladies and gentlemens!

I sincerely congratulate you on the next congress of the IX Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology and wish each of you health, happiness, and safety.

Over the past year, the Azerbaijani people have gone through very difficult and glorious days that will be written in our history with golden letters. Thanks to the unity of the Azerbaijani people under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President IlhamAliyev, the glorious Azerbaijani army liberated our territories, that had been occupied by Armenia for 30 years, and restored the pride of the Azerbaijani people and the integrity of our lands. 

This was achieved at the cost of the blood and lives of many heroic sons of Azerbaijan. I wish our heroic sons- the martyrs, who gave us these proud days, to sleep peacefully in the light of God, and I wish the wounded a speedy recovery to return home sooner. We bow our heads to the families of the martyrs!

At the same time, like all other countries in the world, we are fighting the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Azerbaijani doctors, including cardiologists, are fighting heroically on both fronts. We have doctors who have lost their lives on both fronts, and we ask God to have mercy on them.

The congress will feature reports by the leading cardiologists of the country on the achievements in various fields of cardiology, as well as the last 4 clinical guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology will be discussed in detail by leading specialists. 

Another session will be devoted to the competition of young cardiologists on diagnostically complex and rare clinical cases.

As a novelty, this congress will highlight the results of scientific research conducted by Azerbaijani cardiologists.

Long live Azerbaijan! Long live the Supreme Commander-in-Chief!

Long live the people and army of Azerbaijan!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan! 

President of Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology: Prof. IsakhMustafayev

Organizing Committee of Congress:

Isakh Mustafayev

Kemale Zahidova


Yasmin Rustamova

Uzeyir Rahimov



Ruslan Nacafov



Scientific Committee of Congress :

Isakh Mustafayev (Chairman)

Vesadet Azizov

Tofiq Cahangirov

Yusif Nagıyev

Faiq Quliyev

Adil Baxsheliyev

Elman Alekperov

Rufulla Abdullayev

Rafael Dashdemirov

Isfandiyar Alekperov

Gulnaz Dadashova

Firdovsi İbrahimov

Ibrahim Isayev

Farid Aliyev

Ruslan Najafov

Elnur Isayev

Fuad Samadov

Committee of
Clinical Cases Competition 

Isakh Mustafayev

Rahima Gabulova

Azer Melikov

Ogtay Musayev

Fuad Samadov

Elnur Isayev

Jury forClinical Cases Competition


Tofig Cahangirov

Fuad Samadov

Elnur Isayev

Tahir Ahmedov

Committee for Abstracts Session 

Kemale Zahidova

Sona Gahramanova

Murad Bakhshıyev

Azer Melikov

Samir Mehdiyev

Ruslan Najafov

Rasim Jafarov

Terane Javadova

Ogtay Musayev


Guest Participants 

Mehdi Zoghi Tukey Society of Cardiovascular Academia, Responsible Secretary (İzmir, Ege University, Department of Cardiology) 

Mehman Mamedov Vice President of Russian Cardio Progress Foundation (Moscow, Medical-Prevention Center)

Vedat Aytekin Future President of Turkish Society of Cardiology, Istanbul-American hospital and Koch University hospital-Head of Cardiology Departement

Zviad KipianiPresident of Georgian Society of Cardiology, Tbilisi "New Hospitals" - Head of Cardiology Departement

Fomin İ.V. Professor of the Departement of İnternal Medicine NizhnyNovgorod State Medical Academy,Secretary of the Russian Society of Heart Failure Specialists

Athanasios J. Manolis Head of Cardiology Departement of "Asklepeion" hospital in Athens


General İnformation

Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology decided to deliver the its full portfolio  of   IX Congress in new online format  

Points of Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Congress was evaluated by theMinistry of Healthy with CME 12(twelve) Points

Language of Congress

Language of Congress is Azerbaijani Language


DAY I - 19.12.2020

Registration 18.12.2020 – 20.12.2020

Opening- 9.45 - 10.00 

  1. 1.     CAD: Acute and Chronic coronary sindroms

Chairmen: Elman Alakbarov,Elnur Isayev, Saleh Huseynov



Hipolipidemic therapy in acute coronay sindrom –  Abbasali Abbasaliyev


MİNOCA – modern approach – Firdovsi Ibrahimov


Chronic coronary sindrom and atrial fibrillation  - Natavan Ismayilova


Opportunities to improve angina management in patients with Chronic Coronary Syndrome:For whom the bells ring! - Mehdi Zoghi




II.Non-STEMI Guidelines 2020 

Chairmen: Faiq Guliyev,Rasim Jafarov,  Tofig Sadiqov, Nizami Najafov


Novelties in diagnostics - Mehman Agamaliyev


Conservative treatment–Vasadat Azizov


İnvasive treatment - Ulvi Mirzoyev


Antithrombotic and anticoagulation therapu novelties  - Aysel Islamli




Satellite Symposium  - Gen Ilac 

11.30 – 12.15Modern and practical approach to the treatment of difficultly controlled hypertension.IMPERIUM- the perfect form of strength – Dr.Rafiq Yusifli

III. Arterial Hypertension

Chairmen: Murad Baxshiyev,Yusif Nagiyev,Zaur Musayev, Nuraddin Ahadov


Resistant hypertension –Isakh Mustafayev


b-blockers and penil hemodynamics– Gulnara Nurmammadova


Hypertension management in diabetes mellitus. – Nargiz Huseynova


Hypolipidemic treatment in arterial hypertension – to whom? when? How? –Rafiq Yusifli




 14.15 – 15.00  Lunch

IV.Heart Failure

Chairmen: Rafael Dashdamirov, Yasmin Rustamova, Galib Imanov


HfpEF – novelties and perspectives –TofigJahangirov


HfrEF – new trials – Gulnaz  Dadashova


Antidiabetic treatment in HF– Kemale Zahidova


Contraversial points in HF guidelines – Uzeyir Rahimov




V. National trials results 

Chairmen: Adil Bakhshaliyev, Yagub Gurbanov, Ariz Khalilov,


Diagnostic problems of disfunctional myocardium  and the way of it’s solve– Yasmin Rustamova


The incidence of dislipidaemia in hypertensive patients in Azerbaijan and  it’s control - Ruslan Najafov

16.50 -17.00

Interaction between glycohemoglobin and glucose-tolerance test indicators in people with impaired carbohydrate metabolism and prediabetes - Sedaqet Sultanova


Atrial fibrillation and comorbidity – Leyla Abbasova


Clinical and epidemiological features of micro- and macroangiopathy in patients with type 2 diabetes – Samir Mehdiyev

 17.20 – 17.30

Effect of saccubitrile / valsartan on left ventricular myocardial diastolic function parameters in patients with chronic heart failure – Mehriban Isgandar

 17.30 – 17.40

The long-term safety and eficacy of fibrates in patients with hypertriglyceridemia: Real lifedata from a lipid clinic cohort

Shafa Shabanova

17.40 – 17.50



Satellite Symposium  - Egis 

16.30 – 17.00Is Allopurinol a new weapon against the Heart Failure? – Dr.Uzeyir Rahimov

VI.  ESC Guidelines 2020 Atrial fibrillation

Chairpersons: Rufulla Abdullayev,Kemale Zahidova, Sevinc Najafova,


Innovations in AF management – Ismayil Goyushov


Innovations in Rhythm and heart rate control in AF - Gunay Rahimova


Novel anticoagulant therapy - Ogtay Musayev


Innovations in invasive approach of AF - Farid Aliyev




 DAY II - 20.12.2020

 VII. Miscellaneous

ChairpersonsFuad Abdullayev, Tahir Ahmadov, Jalal İsayev


Approach to Tricuspid regurgitation -Fuad Samadov


COVİD-19 and cardiovascular pathology – Tarana Javadova


RAAS blockers and COVİD-19 - Sona Gahramanova


Aortic valve reconstruction with autologous pericardium (the Ozaki procedure)– Central Clinical Hospital’s experience- Kamran Musayev




VIII. 2020 ESC Clinical Guidelines:  Adult Congenital Heart Disease 

Chairpersons:       İbrahim İsayev, Fazil Abbasov, Vugar  Gapaqov


Congenital heart disease as a chronic condition: Lifetime Continuum of Care  - Jamil Babayev


How to prevent management errors in adult congenital heart disease- Ramil Aliyev 


Updates in the management of Arrhythmias in ACHD - Aytan Hajili


New recommendations for interventions after repair of CHD- Saleh Huseynov




Satellite Symposium  - Novartis 

11.30 – 12.30  Management of sensitive categories of CHF patients: Uperio early start and practical aspects of the use, COVID-19 - Fomin I.V.

IX. Comorbidity in Cardiovascular pathology 

Chairpersons: :  Isfandiyar Ismayilov,Rza Samadov, Shahin Khalilov, Tarana Javadova


The place of anti-inflammatory treatment in cardiovascular pathology - VugarAbbasov


Hereditary hypercholesterolemia from a cardiologist’s point of view - AzerMelikov


Hereditary hypercholesterolemia - from a surgeon's point of view - Rashad Mahmudov


Congenital Heart Disease and pregnancy - ParvizNiftiyev




14.15 – 15.00  Lunch 

Satellite Symposium  -   Berlin-Chemie


Role of B-blokers in treatment of Arterial Hypertension based onlast published guidelines - Athanasios J. Manolis

X. ESC 2020  Sports cardiology and exercise in patients with CVD


İndices of exercise intensity and principles of exercise prescription - Ulker Mammadli


Optimization of physical activity in Chronic Heart Failure - Rahima Gabulova


Can individuals with arrhythmiasparticipate in  sports?  – Aynur Rzayeva


Cardiomyopathies  and exercise prescription - Rufat Zeynalov




Satellite Symposium  - Novo Nordisk 


New approaches to cardiovascular probes in diabetic T2 patients: Based on the results of the SUSTAIN 6 study – Prof.Isakh Mustafayev

Satellite Symposium  - LUNIMAX LLC 


Topic 1 

Role of AT1-receptor antagonists in the treatment of Arterial Hypertension. Candesartan: clinical efficacy and safety – Dr.Fuad Samadov

Topic 2

Statins in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Rosuvastatin effectivness according to clinical trials – Dr.Fuad Samadov 

Competition of  Clinical Cases

Competition of clinical cases among young cardiologists dedicated to the memory of Ali Akbarov: 

Jury: Isakh Mustafayev, Tofik Jahangirov, Takhir Akhmedov, Fuad Samadov, Elnur Isayev


 Case study 1


 Case study 2


 Case study 3


 Case study 4

 17.30- 17.45

 Case study 5

 17.45 – 18.00

Summing up and announcement of the winner


 XI.  Preventive cardiology

 Chairpersons:    Gelfgat  Eugeniy, Jamila Behbudova, Aydın Zeynalov


Population-based correction of IHD taking into account risk factors - Mehman Mammadov


Primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in young and adults, depending on the level of risk - Shahana Alasgarli


Cancer therapy: Prevention of cardiotoxicity - Tora Sadigova


Healthy food for heart diseases - Afruz Namazova


The role of physical activity in heart diseases - Vugar Guluzade


President of Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology:          Prof.Isakh Mustafayev